letters to my sons | february | sean

Welcome to the 2nd installment of Letters to our Children!  Don’t forget to follow our little circle by clicking on the link at the bottom of my page that will take you to another story.  Thanks so much!

To my dear boy,

Sean, oh Sean.  The first 6 months of your life every email, picture and text I sent I referred to you as Sean Christopher.  People asked me if we were going to call you that forever.  Nope.  But, you HAVE answered to many names in your short 5 years…Sean, Prince, Baby Sean, Sean-Sean and Bubba-Ganoosh, Brother and Bubs…just to name a few.

I remember, when you were a tiny thing, how it seemed that every day you learned something new.  I naively assumed that growth like that only happened at that young age.  How wrong I was.  I listen to you now, telling me stories about ‘school’ (daycare, really) that include letters, letter sounds, counting to a hundred, and stories about Abraham Lincoln.  Everyday you blow me over with what you learned just that day.

In the past, all that you cared to spend more than 5 minutes on was driving your race cars up and down the couch cushions.  Now I watch you drawing, writing your name (and your classmates’ names), cutting paper and creating alligators for hours at a time.  And, just the other night, you floored me again.  You decided that your Batman Lego plane needed to be rebuilt.  The fact that Daddy wasn’t home didn’t hold you back.  You spent the evening carefully piecing it back together.

Everyday, I look forward to the moment that I pick you up from school and you share your discoveries of the day.  Never stop learning, my little one, never.

love always,



And now, please continue the circle and read Tracy’s wonderful letter and take a peek at her gorgeous images!  See her work at Tracy Lynn Photography.




18 thoughts on “letters to my sons | february | sean

  1. How sweet, Jill. My son is in the same stage of amazing me every day he comes home from school. Isn’t it awesome to see how they learn and then learn from them? My little man is into legos now, too…wish we lived closer. They could have fun together! Love this months photos, as well. Looking forward to next months post. 😀

  2. Oh gosh I use soooo many nicknames for my littles haha. I rarely call them by their actual names 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you have in store next month!

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