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Welcome to the 3rd installment of Letters to our Children!  Don’t forget to follow our little circle by clicking on the link at the bottom of my page that will take you to another story.  Thanks so much!

To my booger face,

Ok, so that may not be the sweetest term of endearment, but seriously kid, there is rarely a day you don’t have a runny nose!  The nose that you hate to get wiped.  Along with your face.  And your hands.  Even though you want them wiped off whenever they get dirty, you complain as soon as a cloth touches your skin.  Bath time has gotten better…but you still scream when I wash your hair.  For some reason, when Daddy does, it’s ok.  I’m not quite sure what to make of that!

This has been quite the month.  You had a terrible cold that you passed to me (of course).  I was ok with the extra snuggles, though.  You’ve gotten pretty good at knowing when I need a hug.  You are running up to me more often asking for a miss (kiss) or tug (hug).  “I wuv you monny” comes out of your mouth at completely random times and completely melts my heart.  Every once in a while you even ask for a tuddle and lay your head on my shoulder.  I just wish time would stop.

You have also learned quite a few new words.  Some I love.  Some not so much.  You can quit telling me to wait a minute and no when I ask you to do something 😉  I’ve only had you hold up your hand twice and tell me to stop talking.  That I would be ok with never hearing again!  But, you’re telling me about your day at school, who you play with, what you eat and who you see.  I love hearing about your adventures.

You’ve also found a lovey.  That darn blue blanket must be with you every time you sleep.  And it has to lay just. right. next. to. your. chin.  If it’s not, you wake us in the middle of the night to put it just so.  With your tie blanket on top and the Elmo blanket covering your head.  I have to remind myself that I’ll look back on these days and miss them.  That thought gets me through the sleepless nights.

Another thing you’ve latched on to…you monkey sweatshirt.  I love that darn Paul Frank zip up, it was your brother’s.  BUT, when it’s 30 degrees and you insist on only wearing that…it is awfully hard to get your tear filled faced into the car.  Your socks must be put on one foot each morning before I can remove it and put it on correctly.

Every day you fight with Sean over toys.  From Legos to those darn Resuce Bots to the camera.  He gets so frustrated that you don’t understand the concept of sharing.  I just keep reminding him that he’s there to help you figure it out.  And eventually he comes around and I find you two working together, solving a problem, or just hanging out.

This month has been a struggle of patience, a time of growth, a memory to be preserved.  While I have been frustrated beyond tears, I wouldn’t change a moment of it.

love always,


Powell, WY family photographerPowell, WY family photographer140314_0400Powell, WY family photographerPowell, WY family photographerPowell, WY family photographerPowell, WY family photographerPowell, WY family photographer

And now, please continue the circle and read Tracy’s wonderful letter and take a peek at her gorgeous images!  See her work at Tracy Lynn Photography.




8 thoughts on “letters to my sons | march | connor

  1. I love that shot of the legos. My daughter loves them tons right now. 🙂 Such a great post! I relate to this so much as my Malia goes through her terrible 2’s, when no’s should be yes and yes should be no. She hates to wear a “jack” (jacket) and will cry the whole car ride if she thinks she’s wearing one. But no one loves me like she does. 🙂

  2. Haha – you had me laughing at all the things your son tells you not to say/do, that sounds just like my house! Lovely images and lovely letter!

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