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Welcome to the 4th installment of Letters to our Children!  Don’t forget to follow our little circle by clicking on the link at the bottom of my page that will take you to another story.  Thanks so much 🙂

To my boys,

It is obvious to everyone I speak to, or connect with in any form, how great my love for you.  What people don’t see is the love between you and your Daddy.  I knew that you would grow up adoring him and wanting to be like him in every way.  What I had not anticipated was how fierce his love for you is.  From the very beginning, he has been a hands on dad.  Diapers did not scare him (well, they did, but he dealt with it), bottles were given and smashed peas were cleaned from dirty bibs.  He even “babysat” Sean when he was on the evening shift, hanging out with him all morning and then taking him to the sitters.  As surprised as some people were, you would have thought that keeping your own kid with you during your off hours was a new concept.  Daddy is a much more laid back parent than I, and I’m pretty sure you appreciate that.

Daddy got sick a few years ago.  Really sick.  We still are and will forever be dealing with issues from that.  He missed almost a whole year of Sean’s life while in the hospital, and I think he tries to make up for it every day. Connor, because of this, I call you my miracle baby.  Not that I had a difficult pregnancy or delivery, but that you represent a new way we each see our family.  Our lives could have continued on a completely different path than it did, and I know that we are so blessed to have wound up where we are today.  If it weren’t for a gracious God and a few miraculous Colorado residents you would not be here, my Bitty Bug.

Everyone who knows Daddy sees this change in him.  The consequences of that year have proven to be positive in many ways.  He is a caring, gentle father that is more than happy to set aside time to play with you.  He is not only your playmate, but your teacher, role model, and hero all wrapped up in one.  I see so many traits passed on to you.  Some (like the addiction to electronics) I could live without.  But others, like his honesty in all things, I am proud to see you both inherited.

I hope that you both see how blessed you are to call this man Daddy.  You don’t know it yet, but you are learning, by example, how to do things right in this world.



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