Powell, WY Family Photographer |Out and About | The Animal Store

One of the boys’ favorite activities is to visit the hardware store downtown.  They, of course, don’t know it’s a hardware store. To them, it’s the animal store.   Every time we go it’s the same routine.  During warm weather months, we hit the lawn mowers first.  The fish, lizards, and spiders next.  From there, the next stop varies, but our last stop is always to stare at the miniature animals and vehicles.  For some reason, Sean has been drawn to the lizard terrariums.  He doesn’t understand why we can’t bring one home.  He wasn’t, however, in love with Connor’s idea of setting out lawn chairs for a little break time. I often take the kids there on a lazy summer day when we have nothing else to do.   To them, it’s a special trip, an event, even if it’s just a reason to get out of the house for me!

Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer Out and About 1 Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer Out and About 2 Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer Out and About 3 Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer Out and About 4 Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer Out and About 5Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer Out and About 8 Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer Out and About 6 Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer Out and About 7 Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer Out and About 9 Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer Out and About 10 Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer Out and About 11 Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer Out and About 12
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Pohlman Family Mini Session|Powell WY Family Photographer

This was one of my last sessions this fall and it was soooo stinkin windy!  We crossed our fingers all day that the weather would turn in our favor.  But, since we live in Wyoming, we didn’t luck out.  I think it was the only windy day that week.  The rest of it had been gorgeous!  We decided to go for it anyway and I’m so glad we did! The mini session setting was perfect for this family.  The little guys were about done with me putting my camera in their face after the 20 minutes, but I had so many great shots by then that I had a hard time narrowing it down to the promised 5 images.  This is pretty typical of my sessions, so they had the option to choosing more to add to their disc of images.  Here are just a few of my favorite ones.  They are such a fun family and I think that their energy really shows in these pictures.ImageImageImageImage

Family Time|Southern Wyoming Family Photographer

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was in Rawlins to see friends.  While there, I was able to spend time with some beautiful families that have trusted me, once again, to capture moments in their lives.  I feel honored to call the momma in this family and client and a friend.  I miss her dearly and wish I could have spent more time catching up.  ImageImageImageImageImageImage

The Constant Search

As a “new” photographer, I feel like I am constantly on the search to find my unique style.  As a photographer, I know the type of photos I want to take.  I know that I want to capture my clients, my children, my family in those honest and true moments.  Those moments when everyone lets their guard down and shows their true spirit.  I want those unposed, unscripted moments, memories, to be written down as history.  Their history.  And mine.  BUT, as a client, I want those posed photos on my walls.  I want the, “hey, everyone look at the camera and smile!” pictures.  I KNOW I can incorporate both types into a session.  That’s what I know.

What I don’t know, where I struggle, where I search, is the end game.  Do I like my photos dark and mood?  Light and airy?  True to the moment, slightly enhanced, or Photo Shopped?  Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and NO.  So, here’s the question, is that ok?  Is it ok that each session is not quite cohesive.  That my editing style shifts, albeit slightly, from location to location.  I know there is no right answer and that I need to, at the end of the day, be happy with the product in front of me.

The pictures below are edited mostly clean, slightly creative, and today I love them.  I love that I can see the personalities of my boys shining through.  You can see where I live, where my heart is.  This is me, and from now on, this is what you’ll see.

What I love about this job is that there is no right answer.  I find inspiration in almost every photograph I see.  While I will probably never have a studio, backdrops, lighting, themed sessions, props, or a super consistent editing style.  What I will have is my heart in every photo I deliver.  I will honestly love each frame that my clients see.  And in that respect, unfortunately, some of my posts will be disappearing. Simply because of the fact that I don’t want to misrepresent myself and my style. So, is my search over?  Maybe.  For today at least.


New Places

I’ve taken quite a few photos at the Old Pen and I’ve always wanted to go ‘behind the fence’.  I kind of figured that a locked fence meant no entry unless you were an employee. Nope!  We ventured behind the fence, into a hobo’s resting place (he wasn’t home), and added a few new twists to some old haunts.

This session turned out well, despite the fact that it didn’t last very long.  The downside to taking photos outside is that session lengths are dictated but sunset times.  All in all, I’m excited with how these turned out.  Enjoy!

Let the good times roll!

I love photo sessions where we spend the majority of the time laughing.  I knew that this family had a good sense of humor, so I was looking forward to spending time with them.

I wasn’t looking forward to the cold.

But, we lucked out.  The wind was calm, the snow wasn’t flying, and it felt warmer than the thermometer was telling us it would feel like.  If you look closely, at the little ears, you can see it was pretty chilly.  The boys were troopers, though!

Everyone was open to the ideas I had and Mom had some pretty darn cool ideas of her own.  Enjoy!

Lil’ Cowboy

Cowboys, even the wee ones, are born strong.  Rough and tumble.  This little guy has proven that he fits that mold

He made his grand entrance early and spent some extra time in the hospital.  You’d never know it by looking at him now!

This little cow poke, Mom, and Dad braved some wind,chilly temperatures, and a missed nap to meet me in the park.  Even thought it was a short session, I’m so glad we could stick it out and I think we got some great shots.  Enjoy!

Halloween 2011

This may have been the best Halloween night I’ve ever had.  The weather was beautiful, the candy was flowing, and the friends were numerous.  Best of all, though, was that I got to spend it with my family.  A healthy family. I love how Sean interacts with Connor.  He treats him with such love and respect.  I can’t believe how lucky we are! The best part of the night was when Sean was explaining the costumes to Connor.  It went something like this:

I shark, you lion.  I raaaawwww!!!!!You rooooaaarrrr!!!!

Sweet Sisters

Or, they were sweet to each other while we played in the park, at least!  I had little Miss Blondie back in third grade, which seems like ages ago.  Now her littlest sister is here, surprise!, and is turning into quite the little spitfire.  Sandwiched between the two is the brown-eyed, brown-haired cutie.

The girls were so patient with each other as we tried to corral a typical toddler and try to convince her to take some pictures with her old sisters.  I don’t think I saw anything that resembled true sibling behavior once~they even took their sister to play on the equipment so mom and I could talk!

All in all, it was a beautiful evening in the park and we got some great memories captured before these girls got too big~enjoy!

Bricks and Water

are what Rachel wanted.  Well, we didn’t find the water but we found lots of bricks!  There are quite a few places in Rawlins that have old, weather-beaten bricks that I’ve found to use as beautiful backdrops.   We even discovered a couple of new places to investigate~some of which I’ll probably never be able to use again.  Rachel was pretty brave in entering into a few of the shots!

Throw together a great sense of humor, a great friend, and some great boots and you get a fantastic photo session.  We had an adventurous time roaming around town.  I even learned a thing or two about fashion which confirmed my suspicions  about me being glad that I’m NOT in high school right now~things were a lot simpler when I was!

We got so many great shots…it was hard to narrow them down!  Here is a small sample…enjoy!