All Grown Up|Southern Wyoming Family Photographer

This is one of the first families I met when we moved to Rawlins.  I was able to watch their daughter grow from a feisty young girl to a beautiful young lady.  I was able to watch her, alongside her many family members and friends, as she reached milestones and continues to work towards others.  ImageImageImageImageImageImage


Family Time|Southern Wyoming Family Photographer

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was in Rawlins to see friends.  While there, I was able to spend time with some beautiful families that have trusted me, once again, to capture moments in their lives.  I feel honored to call the momma in this family and client and a friend.  I miss her dearly and wish I could have spent more time catching up.  ImageImageImageImageImageImage

The Constant Search

As a “new” photographer, I feel like I am constantly on the search to find my unique style.  As a photographer, I know the type of photos I want to take.  I know that I want to capture my clients, my children, my family in those honest and true moments.  Those moments when everyone lets their guard down and shows their true spirit.  I want those unposed, unscripted moments, memories, to be written down as history.  Their history.  And mine.  BUT, as a client, I want those posed photos on my walls.  I want the, “hey, everyone look at the camera and smile!” pictures.  I KNOW I can incorporate both types into a session.  That’s what I know.

What I don’t know, where I struggle, where I search, is the end game.  Do I like my photos dark and mood?  Light and airy?  True to the moment, slightly enhanced, or Photo Shopped?  Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and NO.  So, here’s the question, is that ok?  Is it ok that each session is not quite cohesive.  That my editing style shifts, albeit slightly, from location to location.  I know there is no right answer and that I need to, at the end of the day, be happy with the product in front of me.

The pictures below are edited mostly clean, slightly creative, and today I love them.  I love that I can see the personalities of my boys shining through.  You can see where I live, where my heart is.  This is me, and from now on, this is what you’ll see.

What I love about this job is that there is no right answer.  I find inspiration in almost every photograph I see.  While I will probably never have a studio, backdrops, lighting, themed sessions, props, or a super consistent editing style.  What I will have is my heart in every photo I deliver.  I will honestly love each frame that my clients see.  And in that respect, unfortunately, some of my posts will be disappearing. Simply because of the fact that I don’t want to misrepresent myself and my style. So, is my search over?  Maybe.  For today at least.


A Big, Red Dog

Sean was so excited when I picked him up yesterday “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!”  he shouted (screamed, really) “I get Clifford!!!”  It was our night to take the big red bag home for our night of family fun 🙂

Sean’s teacher often sends home family projects meant to encourage families to interact and do something, er, educational shall I say, rather than sit around the boob tube all night!  Sean is more excited about some than others.  Cutting and coloring are not really his deal but give this kid a stuffed animal or a guessing box and he’s over. the. moon.

So, last night we got to read a book, work on some patterns with dinos, put together a puzzle (which, I must brag, Sean is pretty good at!), and then draw a picture and journal about Clifford’s night.  I, of course, forgot to take a picture of Sean’s drawing.  He drew!  TWO pictures!!!!  Proud Mama right here.

Here he is working on the patterns.  He loved working on them, especially since Connor didn’t have much interested and stayed outta the way.


A step outside the box

This mom came to me for family pictures and said that her family wanted something a little “different”.  Not the traditional sit in a row, smile at the camera, everybody say “cheese” type of session.  I told her to bring. it. on.  That’s the kind of style I love.  A little life style-ish, a little improv, a little true to them.  We had a blast on one of the last cool, Indian Summer evenings on their home football field.  They were a blast to hang out with and before I  knew it the sun was setting and we had to wrap it up.  I feel like I captured all their personalities and still managed to get a somewhat traditional family shot in the mix~enjoy!


Many Thanks

This wonderful family was my first session booked since moving north.  It just couldn’t have been more perfect.  Their backyard is ah-maze-ing and they have some wonderful friends that let us use their “backyard”.  That label doesn’t do it justice.  We got to use some great outbuildings, a little cabin, the native plants…just perfect.  Once we put the goats away even my boys had fun running around.  Thank you, Miss M and family, for being patient with my littles.  I didn’t have somebody to watch the boys and the family was so patient with the wild guys.  I’m in love with how this session turned out~enjoy!



Because sometimes a kid needs to get outside

and play in the snow.  Even if it’s only 30 degrees, and he refuses to change from his brand new “speedy tennis shoes” into his snow pants and boots, and he just HAS to use his new scooter.  It’s a four-ish wheel drive scooter! And he didn’t really hit me with that ball very hard…with the flu running through my house I figure some fresh air would do him some good.  He did tell me tonight, however, that his pants and shoes were wet and tomorrow he’d wear his boots.  The way I see it, who cares.  You’re only young once!



The baby steps are getting bigger

Well, I finally gave in.  I decided that the mop had gotten out of control and it was time.  I love, love, love Connor’s curls right when he gets out of the tub.  Unfortunately, the tight little pin curls only lasted for so long.  After a while, they ended up looking, well, like this…


Daddy was there to help me through this big step.  He caught the curls, and, later, my tears.


Connor does look so handsome.  In hindsight, I’m ok with the haircut.  I actually kind of wish I’d done it sooner.  He just looks so big.  So grown up.  So not a baby.


2 months until…

This boy is a year old.  Yup, 10 months.  And the old cliche holds true, time really does fly.

Connor is a master army crawler who loves taking baths, playing with his brother’s cars, and who still hates his car seat.

There isn’t a fruit that Connor doesn’t love.  For that matter, there aren’t many foods that he doesn’t love.  The only thing that I’ve given him that he wouldn’t eat was a hard boiled egg yolk.  Everything else goes willingly, and quickly, down his throat and into his tummy.

He adores Sean.  Tend to gravitate toward him and whatever he’s doing.  And, for that most part, the feeling is mutual.  The only toy off limits right now is Sean’s beloved train tracks.  Sean is so patient with Connor, except when Connor wakes Sean up.

Connor has learned the sign for all done and (sometimes) will give High 5’s.  He’s trying to pull himself up on anything and everything.  This makes for some sleepless nights!  He loves to give his mommy (that’s me!) kisses and loves when we pop his mouth as he’s saying “ahhh”.  He’s got such an engaging smile, that he loves to share with everyone he meets.  Connor literally knows no stranger.

He isn’t perfect, but he’s perfect for us.  Enjoy!