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Powell Wy Lifestyle Family Photographer

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Powell Wy Family Photographer | A Sunday Breakfast at Home

Sometimes it’s the ordinary moment, one you live every day, that turns into a cherished memory.  A family photo session doesn’t necessarily involve a pretty field, blanket, and coordinated outfits.  I  asked a friend if she would volunteer her family for a little project of mine, and she bravely invited me into her home to photograph their Sunday breakfast.

We kept it simple, pancakes and bacon.  Pajamas, bed head, a cuddle on the couch.  These things are every day occurrences that I was able to make into lasting memories.  Big brother often helps the little guy out of the crib right after he and Mom spend a few minutes watching cartoons and chatting while everyone else sleeps.  Dad got to sleep in a little bit, so I hung out in the kitchen while Mom and the boys whipped up some pancakes.  After the session, Mom mentioned that I was there to witness the first pancake flip for both boys!  Big bro handled that spatula like a pro.

With breakfast cooked, it was time to wake Dad up (as usual) by a shout from the stairs, and then it was family time.  Little boys always love their Mommy, but it feels so special to see the bonds with their Dad.  They don’t stay little for long, so I’m glad I was there to save that moment for them.  After lots of laughs, a few strawberry stems ingested, and many funny faces made, it was time for Jenga and some books.  I love how every family turns an event that occurs in most homes into a comedy routine.  And yes, the 2-year-old knows what the fox says 😉  A pillow fight rounded out the morning.  Everyone had a blast tossing pillows at each other.  I think…the little guy wasn’t quite sure what was going on!

It was a relaxed photo session where I was able to just sit back and let the family be themselves.  We are already making plans to capture the everyday beauty of their backyard when Spring decides to visit Wyoming.  I’m excited to see what fun activities they do in their own backyard and to document the everyday beauty!

Powell WY Family Photographer Pohlman 1 Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer  Pohlman 2 Pohlman 11 Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer  Pohlman 15 Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer  Pohlman 18 Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer  Pohlman 19 Pohlman 37 Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer  Pohlman 28 Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer Pohlman 31
Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer Pohlman 56 Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer  Pohlmna 47 Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer  Pohlman 50Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer Pohlman 55Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer  Pohlman 61


letters to my sons | march | connor

Welcome to the 3rd installment of Letters to our Children!  Don’t forget to follow our little circle by clicking on the link at the bottom of my page that will take you to another story.  Thanks so much!

To my booger face,

Ok, so that may not be the sweetest term of endearment, but seriously kid, there is rarely a day you don’t have a runny nose!  The nose that you hate to get wiped.  Along with your face.  And your hands.  Even though you want them wiped off whenever they get dirty, you complain as soon as a cloth touches your skin.  Bath time has gotten better…but you still scream when I wash your hair.  For some reason, when Daddy does, it’s ok.  I’m not quite sure what to make of that!

This has been quite the month.  You had a terrible cold that you passed to me (of course).  I was ok with the extra snuggles, though.  You’ve gotten pretty good at knowing when I need a hug.  You are running up to me more often asking for a miss (kiss) or tug (hug).  “I wuv you monny” comes out of your mouth at completely random times and completely melts my heart.  Every once in a while you even ask for a tuddle and lay your head on my shoulder.  I just wish time would stop.

You have also learned quite a few new words.  Some I love.  Some not so much.  You can quit telling me to wait a minute and no when I ask you to do something 😉  I’ve only had you hold up your hand twice and tell me to stop talking.  That I would be ok with never hearing again!  But, you’re telling me about your day at school, who you play with, what you eat and who you see.  I love hearing about your adventures.

You’ve also found a lovey.  That darn blue blanket must be with you every time you sleep.  And it has to lay just. right. next. to. your. chin.  If it’s not, you wake us in the middle of the night to put it just so.  With your tie blanket on top and the Elmo blanket covering your head.  I have to remind myself that I’ll look back on these days and miss them.  That thought gets me through the sleepless nights.

Another thing you’ve latched on to…you monkey sweatshirt.  I love that darn Paul Frank zip up, it was your brother’s.  BUT, when it’s 30 degrees and you insist on only wearing that…it is awfully hard to get your tear filled faced into the car.  Your socks must be put on one foot each morning before I can remove it and put it on correctly.

Every day you fight with Sean over toys.  From Legos to those darn Resuce Bots to the camera.  He gets so frustrated that you don’t understand the concept of sharing.  I just keep reminding him that he’s there to help you figure it out.  And eventually he comes around and I find you two working together, solving a problem, or just hanging out.

This month has been a struggle of patience, a time of growth, a memory to be preserved.  While I have been frustrated beyond tears, I wouldn’t change a moment of it.

love always,


Powell, WY family photographerPowell, WY family photographer140314_0400Powell, WY family photographerPowell, WY family photographerPowell, WY family photographerPowell, WY family photographerPowell, WY family photographer

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A Day in the Life | March | Northern Wy Family Photographer

For the last few months, I’ve been thinking about taking a different direction with my family sessions.  I have always admired the work of photographers such as Colie James and Kayla Maltese, but lately I’ve found myself drawn to them even more for inspiration.  When I realized that I could take a workshop called Telling Stories with Lifestyle Photography with Colie, well, it took me about 2 seconds to find the page.  We are in week 2 of instruction and let me tell ya what…this workshop is worth every penny.  Colie is open and honest with her feedback while encouraging us constantly.  I am definitely pushing myself and discovering that I have a LONG way to go and so much to learn!

This week’s assignment was to capture a day in our life.  I had hopes of going to do something new, something out of the ordinary, but a kid recovering from the flu and the other with a nasty cold limited what we did.  So.  This is a collection of images on our normal lazy, don’t get out of your pajamas until noon kind of Saturday.  You’ll see that both kids were so tired that they wanted to nap before lunch (well, Sean did at first, ended up eating fruit in his room, and not napping!)  We had lots of tears, a little boy that some how ended up in my bed the night before, and some torn stickers. They still played a lot, convinced me to build a tent, and logged some couch time.  We ventured outside to walk to get the mail, but it was too chilly to stay out for very long.  I started with 433 images, culled them down to 44 last night, and chose what you’ll see below to show you a day in our life.  My hope is that you can follow our story!  Enjoy 🙂ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

letters to my sons | february | sean

Welcome to the 2nd installment of Letters to our Children!  Don’t forget to follow our little circle by clicking on the link at the bottom of my page that will take you to another story.  Thanks so much!

To my dear boy,

Sean, oh Sean.  The first 6 months of your life every email, picture and text I sent I referred to you as Sean Christopher.  People asked me if we were going to call you that forever.  Nope.  But, you HAVE answered to many names in your short 5 years…Sean, Prince, Baby Sean, Sean-Sean and Bubba-Ganoosh, Brother and Bubs…just to name a few.

I remember, when you were a tiny thing, how it seemed that every day you learned something new.  I naively assumed that growth like that only happened at that young age.  How wrong I was.  I listen to you now, telling me stories about ‘school’ (daycare, really) that include letters, letter sounds, counting to a hundred, and stories about Abraham Lincoln.  Everyday you blow me over with what you learned just that day.

In the past, all that you cared to spend more than 5 minutes on was driving your race cars up and down the couch cushions.  Now I watch you drawing, writing your name (and your classmates’ names), cutting paper and creating alligators for hours at a time.  And, just the other night, you floored me again.  You decided that your Batman Lego plane needed to be rebuilt.  The fact that Daddy wasn’t home didn’t hold you back.  You spent the evening carefully piecing it back together.

Everyday, I look forward to the moment that I pick you up from school and you share your discoveries of the day.  Never stop learning, my little one, never.

love always,



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Ol’ Blue Eyes | Southern WY Family Photographer

This little guy has a pair of the most stunning blue eyes I’ve ever seen.  I’ve been lucky enough to photograph he and his family quite a few times.  Mom has been super patient with me, booking session whenever I make the trek south to visit.  Sometimes we have to work extra hard to squeeze the time into a packed travel schedule.  We shot this session in about 35 minutes, right before a sweet little girl’s birthday party.  But, honestly, with the wind and the snow that’s about all any of us could handle! I love that I’ve been able to watch him grow up through my lens and am hoping that soon I’ll have the chance to photograph his little brother (or sister).  Mom and Dad are doing what I never could and not finding out the gender of baby #2!ImageImageImageImageImage

Pohlman Family Mini Session|Powell WY Family Photographer

This was one of my last sessions this fall and it was soooo stinkin windy!  We crossed our fingers all day that the weather would turn in our favor.  But, since we live in Wyoming, we didn’t luck out.  I think it was the only windy day that week.  The rest of it had been gorgeous!  We decided to go for it anyway and I’m so glad we did! The mini session setting was perfect for this family.  The little guys were about done with me putting my camera in their face after the 20 minutes, but I had so many great shots by then that I had a hard time narrowing it down to the promised 5 images.  This is pretty typical of my sessions, so they had the option to choosing more to add to their disc of images.  Here are just a few of my favorite ones.  They are such a fun family and I think that their energy really shows in these pictures.ImageImageImageImage

letters to my sons | January | to my loves

To my Sean-Sean and Con Man~

There are so many things that each of you do that fill my heart with joy and pride.  Too many things to brag about and I know that people get tired of hearing all the amazing things that you do.  Every time that you pick up a crayon, Sean, I remember the boy who refused to draw a line.  Connor, when you grab my hand and tell me to tum on, tum wif me, Monny; I follow.  Every single time.  Because you don’t often request play time with me.

But, what makes me smile most often, sometimes with a tear following, is when I see you play together.  Not play side by side, or in the same room, or on the same couch, but together.  Sean, you ask Connor to play transformers or puppy with you.  And, 9 times out of 10 Connor, you do it.  Connor, I see you look up to Sean with a question in your eyes, and it’s almost like the question “ok, brother, now what?” doesn’t even have to be asked.  Sean guides you to the next step.  Sometimes you resist, but often you follow.

Connor, if I tell you to ask brother to find a toy for you, he does.  But only after he makes you say please at least twice.  All he has to do is say “Connor, what do you need to say?” and it pops right out of your mouth.  And, if you really want it, you throw in a little sign language, too

There were many times that your 3 year age difference worried me.   I worried that you wouldn’t be able to understand each other and that this would lead to fights.  It does, a lot, but they are short-lived.  The biggest fight right now is over Chase and the fact that he isn’t allowed out of your sight, Connor.  I was worried that you wouldn’t have anything in common.  That you would always be seeking out different toys, books, cartoons….not so much.  Connor, at times I often wonder if you only like Superman, and Batman, and the Rescuebots, because Sean does.  I now wonder what would consume your life if you could “choose” your own likes.

I wish with all my heart that I could freeze time.  I love where you are right now, who you are.  You enjoy spending time with each other and seek each other out as playmates.  I see this both and home and at your school.  Sean’s friends are Connor’s friends.  I can only hope and pray that this bond is never severed.  I love our home days together, even when they’re just spent cuddling on the couch watching DinoSquad for the umpteenth time.  However, I know that there will be many more moments to come.  And I feel blessed that I have discovered the passion for photography so that we will never forget this life that we get to call ours.

powell wy family portrait photographer_0074

Every day I feel so very blessed that God saw fit to give you to me.  You have taught me so much about myself.  Through you I have learned love, patience, forgiveness, and how to play with swords.  I understand now what it truly means to love someone and have that love returned.  When you see us across the room and towards me, or your dad, the love and joy that you feel is shared with everyone in the room.  It often takes my breath away.  I hope that the love you feel for us never diminishes.  You open my eyes to a new world every day.  I truly love you to the moon and back.  About 10 times, in fact!

love always,


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Siblings in the Park | Northern, WY Family Photographer

I moved away from my hometown practically right after my high school graduation, and my parents soon followed suit.  Because of this, I lost touch with so many friends that I had gone to school with my entire life.  I read a message on my Facebook page one day from one of my classmates and I was SO excited that not only was I going to meet my friend’s kiddos but I could catch up! Since I have moved back to the area I grew up in, I realized just how hard it is to reconnect.  Perhaps photography will be the right “excuse” to set aside some specific times to do so.  These two siblings are just adorable.  I had so much fun this summer running after them.  I’ll tell ya what, big brother has some mad basketball skills!ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Brandi, 2014 Senior | Northern WY Senior Photographer

This year, I decided to start a Senior Rep program, focusing on Powell High School Seniors.  Brandi was one of the first to contact me.  I was excited to work with this natural beauty.  She’s one of those lucky girls that looked beautiful in whatever location I put her in.  Brandi brought her boyfriend along and he did a great job of helping me get some natural smiles out of his girl!