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Powell Wy Lifestyle Family Photographer

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Powell, WY Lifestyle Family Photographer | Miss Slater

I went back down to Rawlins a few weeks ago for an adorable young man’s 1st birthday party.  While there, Miss Slater’s mom asked if I could do her 3 year portraits.  Umm, yeah!  I have wanted to take her photos for so long, but things just never seemed to work out.  Slater has the most beautiful eyes…mesmerizing is the only word that I can think to describe them.

I asked Mom if she wouldn’t mind doing an in home, lifestyle session.  She was up for whatever I suggested, as long as we could get some posed shots for the grandparents. And boy, did we!  I delivered one of my largest galleries to date. Miss Slater rocked in front of my camera.

That’s what I love about in home sessions.  Slater was so relaxed and eager to show me around her home, her favorite games, and how she loved walking up the mountain in their backyard.  Kids are much more laid back when in their own environment and their true personalities just shine.

I had a blast hanging out with Slater and her family and am in love with this session.  It was so hard to narrow down the images to share! Thanks for letting me invade your home, Slater and family 😉
Powell WY Lifestyle Family Photographer Powell WY Lifestyle Family Photographer Powell WY Lifestyle Family Photographer Powell WY Lifestyle Family Photographer Powell WY Lifestyle Family Photographer
Powell WY Lifestyle Family Photographer Powell WY Lifestyle Family Photographer Powell WY Lifestyle Family PhotographerPowell WY Lifestyle Family PhotographerPowell WY Lifestyle Family Photographer

Powell Wy Family Photographer | A Sunday Breakfast at Home

Sometimes it’s the ordinary moment, one you live every day, that turns into a cherished memory.  A family photo session doesn’t necessarily involve a pretty field, blanket, and coordinated outfits.  I  asked a friend if she would volunteer her family for a little project of mine, and she bravely invited me into her home to photograph their Sunday breakfast.

We kept it simple, pancakes and bacon.  Pajamas, bed head, a cuddle on the couch.  These things are every day occurrences that I was able to make into lasting memories.  Big brother often helps the little guy out of the crib right after he and Mom spend a few minutes watching cartoons and chatting while everyone else sleeps.  Dad got to sleep in a little bit, so I hung out in the kitchen while Mom and the boys whipped up some pancakes.  After the session, Mom mentioned that I was there to witness the first pancake flip for both boys!  Big bro handled that spatula like a pro.

With breakfast cooked, it was time to wake Dad up (as usual) by a shout from the stairs, and then it was family time.  Little boys always love their Mommy, but it feels so special to see the bonds with their Dad.  They don’t stay little for long, so I’m glad I was there to save that moment for them.  After lots of laughs, a few strawberry stems ingested, and many funny faces made, it was time for Jenga and some books.  I love how every family turns an event that occurs in most homes into a comedy routine.  And yes, the 2-year-old knows what the fox says 😉  A pillow fight rounded out the morning.  Everyone had a blast tossing pillows at each other.  I think…the little guy wasn’t quite sure what was going on!

It was a relaxed photo session where I was able to just sit back and let the family be themselves.  We are already making plans to capture the everyday beauty of their backyard when Spring decides to visit Wyoming.  I’m excited to see what fun activities they do in their own backyard and to document the everyday beauty!

Powell WY Family Photographer Pohlman 1 Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer  Pohlman 2 Pohlman 11 Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer  Pohlman 15 Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer  Pohlman 18 Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer  Pohlman 19 Pohlman 37 Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer  Pohlman 28 Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer Pohlman 31
Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer Pohlman 56 Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer  Pohlmna 47 Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer  Pohlman 50Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer Pohlman 55Powell WY Family Lifestyle Photographer  Pohlman 61


Kalli |RHS Senior 2014 |Wyoming Senior Photographer

Every once in a while every thing that can go right with a session, does.  Even the unfortunate wildfires worked in our favor the day that Kalli and her mom made the trek from Rawlins to have her Senior Pictures taken.  Everything, from the temperature of the day, to Kalli’s natural beauty, to the fun and relaxed atmosphere on her Grandparents’ land worked just perfectly together.  Perfectly.  I couldn’t have asked for a better session and am absolutely in love with how all the images turned out.  Kalli, her mom, and I were able to mesh our visions into one in order to showcase Kalli’s senior year. powell wy senior portrait photographer_0001 powell wy senior portrait photographer_0002 powell wy senior portrait photographer_0003 powell wy senior portrait photographer_0004 powell wy senior portrait photographer_0005 powell wy senior portrait photographer_0006 powell wy senior portrait photographer_0007 powell wy senior portrait photographer_0008 powell wy senior portrait photographer_0009And, to make the session even sweeter, we were able to recreate a  portrait taken when these cousins were small enough to see through the windshield.

powell wy senior portrait photographer_0010

And to make a new memory we threw in the cousins that have been added to the family since then!powell wy senior portrait photographer_0011

Siblings in the Park | Northern, WY Family Photographer

I moved away from my hometown practically right after my high school graduation, and my parents soon followed suit.  Because of this, I lost touch with so many friends that I had gone to school with my entire life.  I read a message on my Facebook page one day from one of my classmates and I was SO excited that not only was I going to meet my friend’s kiddos but I could catch up! Since I have moved back to the area I grew up in, I realized just how hard it is to reconnect.  Perhaps photography will be the right “excuse” to set aside some specific times to do so.  These two siblings are just adorable.  I had so much fun this summer running after them.  I’ll tell ya what, big brother has some mad basketball skills!ImageImageImageImageImageImage